FRED NEWMAN (1935-2011)

An eclectic and unorthodox revolutionary: methodologist, community organizer, philosopher, political strategist, therapist, teacher, playwright, theatre director, lyricist.

Designer of a network of successful independent institutions in psychology, culture, education and politics for the active participation of all people in personal and social transformation.

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Section features selections from the archives: articles, books, Fulani! Shows, videos, etc. update quarterly

 Fred Newman & Lois Holzman 

Fred Newman & Lois Holzman 

Welcome to the Fred Newman Archive

I had the joy and the privilege of collaborating with Fred Newman over the course of his 40-year career. We co-wrote several books and hundreds of articles; and along with hundreds of other community organizers, we launched several progressive social transformation projects and organizations that today comprise and impact tens of thousands of people around the world—a global development community.

So, welcome! I hope you enjoy exploring this site—studying, playing and creating with Fred’s work.

Lois Holzman PhD, Director, East Side Institute


Check out current events and projects founded by Fred Newman or inspired by his discoveries and practices.

OCTOBER 10-12, 2014, NYC. The eighth Performing the World (PTW) conference will be held in New York City, October 10-12, 2014. As the performance movement grows worldwide — both within and across geographical, cultural and professional borders — PTW aims to make the most of the creative potential of this growing diversity. International, cross disciplinary, conversational, experiential, and practical-critical, PTW 2014 will provide an opportunity for practitioners, scholars and activists to share and showcase their work and create something new together. If you practice and/or study performance as a means of individual, community and world transformation (or want to), then PTW 2014 is for you.


Operation Conversation: Cops and Kids: A DEMONSTRATION - JULY 2, 2014, NYC. Operation Conversation is a program of the All Stars Project designed to foster positive interactions between the police and inner-city youth.  It consists of a series of workshops that use performance, improvisational games and conversation to help teenagers and police officers to develop and improve their relationship.

As of October 2011, the NYPD officially incorporated Operation Conversation: Cop and Kids into the training of its police officers.