1) Welcome from Lois / Lois to rerework

2) CREATE slider on the home page. Each slide highlights a section of the archive/page and it embodies a quote using some of the blurbs from the books. 

3) GET QUOTES (Intern) Lois going to do some preliminary looking. 

4) need new long bio of NEWMAN

5) Idea for how to highlight key media we have - to decide where this content sits, what's the organizing principle for this content?  {C} {C}{C} {C} {C}

Fulani Shows - highlight one or two, with some text for context; then a link to the Fulani Show Library on Vimeo. Create a separate Vimeo page just for Fulani Shows.

Annual Lectures - do same thing with Lectures as we do with LBF shows

Summer, Fall, Winter Institutes and Annual Lecures

Talk Talk

6) New Section History of Community Organizing, photo montage with supporting text: Use Dan's paper to help conceptualize the timeline, highlight for sure, Unemployed and Welfare Council, CFC, Therapy for America, Lets Develop Radio Show

kim do pass on look of home page

mk do pass on social therapy content and content of home page